Where to Find Best Men’s Clothes and Some Useful Money Saving Tips

It is a simple rule of business that specialists will always pay a little extra. Dieters pay a premium, lovers of organic food pay a premium, Sports car drivers pay 10p extra for their petrol. In any walk of life if you take a sidestep from the mainstream you will find a plethora of business opportunities waiting 레플리카  to be opened up.

I’m a Big Man and I’m out of shape. I take a 20inch collar, a 50 chest and a 44 waist. I’m 6 foot tall but only have a 29inch inside leg (which is really weird). I take a size 12 shoe. My trousers are either extremely tight when the belt is around my belly or really loose when the belt is not around my belly. There is no happy medium. I’d like to buy my clothes in Tesco but I am just beyond their maximum range. This means I have to go to Gent’s outfitters for my clothes and man do they add a surcharge! One shop in Northampton was charging £8 for a big pair of really naff Y-Fronts. There is money to be had in outsized clothes, mark my words.

To run this business I would simply buy up all the outsized Men’s Clothing (I do not have a clue about Women’s Clothing) that I could find for pennies at jumble sales, classified ads etc. I would hang then up on a clothes rail at home and then list them on eBay with good quality photos on each free listing day. I’d mark the price up to guarantee that any sale netted me a couple of quid after postage and fees. I’m not greedy. I can guarantee you that there is a market for this. The business could be grown by sending out a promotional flyer for your off-eBay Outsized clothes site (thereby saving you fees on future sales). I’d also use this business to promote a charity aspect and ask customers if they would like to donate any of their old outsized clothes back to you. A virtuous circle if ever there was one. Mark yourself down for £20 profit in Y1 and remember to give a fiver to charity. Any freebie you get sent which is not good enough to sell should be traded in at Cash for Clothes (not got one of them near you? Then you’re posh!). Target £1 profit from these guys per year.


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